Thursday, February 14, 2013

What to DO with all those leftover candy hearts?

Got a lot of conversation hearts left over?  Try these simple games that target fine motor skills:

  • Use tongs (children's chopsticks that are connected at the top are great) to sort them out by color
  • Sort them out by message for older children
  • Place them face down on the table and use thumb and forefinger only to turn them over
  • Place one face down in your child's palm and have him turn it over using his fingers only, no other hand allowed!

For a challenging oral motor strengthening activity, try playing with the hearts with straws.  Who can blow one across the masking tape line on the table?  Who can pick one up with their straw? (Hint, you can make the last one easier by cutting the straw shorter.)  Paper straws are safer than the plastic for little kids or kids who tend to have a very strong bite...

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