Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sit Fit Disc

One thing we use at some of our schools to help children sit during floor instruction is a sit fit, or core, disc.  Much like the fitness ball we talked about in an earlier post ("Fidgety Kids"), the disc challenges the balance of the child while sitting.  This provides the input some children need to focus during this time.  Typically, we sit the child in the center of the disc and don't have the disc pumped up too full.  Don't let the child lean on anything. The child can either sit cross-legged or long-legged. 

Another great idea for these discs:  Have your kids sit on them when watching tv or playing video games.  This will work their core.  We know that core strength is important for good sitting while performing table top activities such as writing and cutting,  so work that core!

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