Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Electronic scavenger hunt

Now days most kids have, or have access to, some type of electronic device such as an ipod or ipad, or iphone.  If you look around anywhere there are teens/preteens gathered, you will see the kids on their devices.  So, let's use these devices for fun and to work on visual perceptual skills and visual discrimination skills.  To play this game, you need more than 1 child.  If there are many kids playing, make teams.  Have one team/kid take a picture of something either inside or outside your house/school.  Then they either send it to the other team or the other team uses the device the picture was taken on and goes in search of the subject of the picture.  The older the children playing, the more difficult they can make it  by taking parts of items, or just a design on a piece of furniture/picture/decoration. 

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