Thursday, January 31, 2013

Upper Extremity strengthening

Here's a great idea for kids: tape a piece of paper to the bottom of a table.  Have the child lay on his back and color on the paper.  This is great for shoulder strengthening and upper extremity control. 


  1. What a awesome idea!I have a 2 year old whom has Scenery delays.One of the things he needed was stretching for his arms.This will be perfect for him.Thank you!

  2. It's great to hear when one of our ideas hits home for someone who loves a little one who needs help! You might also want to try a game I've been doing with twos for a while called 'Roll-y Poly'. Have him hold onto your thumbs and move your arms like you're pedaling a bike, sing roll-y poly roll-y poly up, up, up (stretch upwards), then roll-y poly roll-y poly down, down, down. Then roll-y poly roll-y poly out, out, out, then roll-y poly roll-y poly in, in, in. Start kind of slowly at a consistent speed, then make it fun by varying the speeds at which you are moving. Twos seem to love this!

  3. Exactly what a great notion!I've got a Two year old who features Landscapes setbacks.One of the things they required has been stretching out with regard to their biceps and triceps.This will be perfect for your pet.Many thanks!
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