Monday, April 1, 2013

Hand Print Flower

Now that it's spring, let's make it feel like it  with hand print flowers! Most kids love to get dirty, so lay down some newspapers and let them have fun (or let them do this outside).  Use different colors to create a beautiful flower.  Don't be afraid to let the kids get dirty- we are finding that some parents don't allow their kids to just be kids.  Allowing kids to do messy play is so important and fun.  Kids need the sensory component of putting their hands into gooey, messy things.  For those kids that won't put their hands into a plate of paint, use a paint brush and paint their hands.  For those kids that have tactile sensitivity, at least paint their finger tips, at first, and then try to progress to painting their entire hand.  Do the activity, or a similar activity, over and over to allow the child to get used to the feeling.

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