Thursday, March 28, 2013

Scooter Board Train

And yet another fun way to work out your kids' muscles on a scooter board... take two large cardboard boxes, paint them up and zip tie one scooter board to the middle bottom of one.  Then cut out half the bottom of the front one and zip tie another scooter board to the rear (what's left) of the bottom of the box.  Tie the two boxes together with some rope laced through the scooter boards and you have one fun train!  We used some styrofoam packing scraps to make a headlight and tail end.  Get as creative as you want... we tend to keep adding things as we play with it.  Load up the back train car with another kid, stuffed animals, or cargo and have your child sit in the front one and use his feet to scoot around.  If you cut windows in the engine, they can reach through and hold into the scooter board handles for assistance.  Great for trunk stability and extremity strengthening!

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