Monday, April 8, 2013

Treatment Interventions for Autism

There is no "cure" for autism.  However, there are interventions that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals with autism. 
Intensive behavioral therapy can significantly improve  language and cognitive skills.  Theses therapies can be provided in the home, involving the family, or in a specialized classroom or in a preschool.  As a child gets older, specialized social skill training and educational adaptations may become the focus of intervention.  Trade school training may be used to allow the adolescent to learn skills necessary to become an employable adult.
One method of treatment for individuals with autism is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which focuses on reducing unfavorable behaviors and shaping and reinforcing new behaviors, such as learning and speech. 
Another treatment method is called Developmental, Individual, Relationship-based (DIR)/ Floortime model. Rather than focusing on skills and isolated behaviors, this model focuses on building the foundations for social, intellectual and emotional capabilities.
These are just two methods used to work with children with autism to build skills necessary to function in society.  There are other, different methods available.   There is not one method that is right for all individuals with autism, so it is important for parents and educators to be informed of the different methods of treatment.

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