Thursday, November 29, 2012

Taste/Smell and Visual Sensitivity

A continuation of a previous post, now focusing on ideas for taste/smell and visual systems:

Taste/Smell Sensitivity
  • Crunchy cereal, firm fruit (apples)
  • Vibrating toothbrush or massager
  • Whistles to help decrease a child putting his/her tongue into an open cup
  • Drawing shapes and letters in pudding
  • Gradually increasing willingness to taste a certain food
    • Tolerating the food on the table
    • Tolerating the food near his/her plate
    • Tolerating the smell of the food near his/her nose
    • Tolerating the food on his/her lips
    • Tolerating the food on his tongue
    • Tolerating one bite

Visual Sensitivity/Developing the Visual System
  • Allowing your child to wear sunglasses or a hat when outside
  • Making letters or shapes in different craft media (i.e. clay, playdough, shaving cream, string, pudding, popsicle sticks, sand paper)
  • Cutting on a straight or curved line
  • Tracking activities such as following clouds, birds, squirrels or airplanes move with your eyes
  • Ball play making sure to follow the ball with your eyes
  • Playing with a streamer on stick and following it with your eyes
  • Whistles that have an eye following component
  • Flashlight play 

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