Monday, December 3, 2012

Make an Ornament

Here is a way to let your kids personalize your Christmas tree- make their own ornaments.  It's simple, and fun. All you need is apple sauce and cinnamon.  Use equal parts of each and have your child stir them together.  It should become a thick paste, so you may need to add more cinnamon to thicken it if it is too thin.  Once you have a paste, give your child a ball and have him/her flatten it with their hand and use cookie cutters to form the ornaments.  Then, use a pencil to make a hole to hang the ornaments.  (It is important that you put the hole in the ornament before it hardens)  Let the ornament dry and it is ready to go!  Remember to turn them over every day so the edges don't curl too badly.  Try watering down glue and painting it over the ornament, then sprinkle on some glitter.  You could even tinge the watery-glue with food coloring!

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