Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tickle Me Tunnel

OK here's another quick tip on a great holiday gift for those sensory seekers on your list... and Amazon has it for $32.99 and FREE shipping now... best price on the web!

This company also makes a variety of other tents and tunnels, perfect for secret getaways, rolling around in for proprioceptive input, and even during nap time!  If you've got a wiggly one in Head Start or preschool that has trouble staying on their mat during rest time, try a sleeping bag in a tunnel!  It's worked on more that one occasion for me... or try pushing a therapy ball through the tunnel for deep pressure input!


  1. Any other ideas for ways to use this? I have one at home.

    1. Have your child crawl into it and roll the tunnel back and forth. Have your child push a car or truck throught the tunnel. Kids love these tunnels. I sometimes have races for the children to crawl as fast as they can through the tunnel. In preschools, we use them as transitions to circle or table.