Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bubble wrap

Don't throw away the bubble wrap that comes in boxes!  It's not only fun for the kids to pop, it's a great fine motor activity!  It takes finger dexterity and strength to pop the bubbles.  Lay it on a hard, flat surface and have the kids use one finger to try to pop it or have him/her hold it in one hand to pop.  Have him/her slap his/her hand onto the wrap to see how many bubbles he/she can pop at one time.  Lay it on the ground and have your child jump on it.  There are lots of fun ways to enjoy bubble wrap!


  1. I agree! I never throw it away! I've also cut it into squares and created a hop-scotch out of it! I've followed your blog for awhile, and I just created my own! Please follow me! www.littlehandslovebig.wordpress.com
    :) Be blessed!

  2. Amy,
    Thanks for following our blog, we will definitely check yours out. Always good to share ideas!

  3. Great! I think that would definitely refine some of our kids’ motor skills. Popping bubble wraps really makes a stress-relieving past time. It would also help exercise some of their finer muscles, like the ones on their fingers and wrists. It would also enhance their flexibility, both physically and mentally, by coming up with creative ways to pop them. It could be a great exercise from something that is usually trash.
    Clay Delgado