Wednesday, September 5, 2012

All about me

Preschools typically have an "all about me" theme to get the children to become aware of themselves.  Body parts are identified and families are discussed.  Here is an art project for the children to complete.  Have your child use different color yarn to make hair depending on the color of their hair.  If their hair is blond- yellow yarn, brown hair- brown yarn.  Have your child pick out his/her own yarn, "what color is your hair?".  Glue the yarn on the head.  Have your child color the person to match what they are wearing.  Then, either glue eyes on the face, or have your child draw the entire face. 


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  2. Adhesive the actual wool around the brain. Have your child coloration anybody to complement what they are sporting. Then, sometimes stick eye evidently, or have your child pull your entire encounter.
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