Thursday, April 19, 2012

Finger Manipulation

Ok, so we are still working towards getting kids ready for kindergarten.  We talked about pencil grip and gave a strategy to achieve a more mature grasp.  But to effectively use a pencil to form letters and shapes, we first need to have stabilization at the shoulder, finger strength and be able to use our fingers for manipulation.  Here is a spring art activity that will work on your child's finger skills.  Cut tissue paper into small squares.  Have your child crumple the pieces into little balls.  Have him/her use only one hand, if able, if not have him/her use only the finger tips of both hands.  Allow your child to open the glue and squeeze it onto a flower picture (some children will need adult assistance to move the glue around the paper so as not to have one big clump of glue). Have your child pick up one "ball" of tissue paper at a time and place it onto a glue dot.


  1. What a great idea! (and fun, too)

  2. It is fun, and easy to do with craft supplies in your home.