Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April is OT month!

Just thought I'd like to take a step back and give a good general description of how we pediatric OTs help families and children.  Sometimes I'm asked how can children get occupational therapy?  They don't have jobs!  The 'occupations' of children are school, play, and self-care.  Here are just some of the areas of development we assess and treat:

  • fine motor dexterity, the way your child is able to use his/her hands
  • eye-hand coordination
  • balance and coordination
  • ability to complete self-care tasks like bathing, toileting, and tooth-brushing
  • sensory needs, like touching messy things, eating a variety of foods, exhibiting the ability to pay attention and keep hands to self
  • play and social interaction skills
We OTs tend to have a good ability to sense the need of the whole child, taking into account strengths, developmental needs, and environmental implications.  Please consider using our Ask the OT section to gain additional knowledge about your child (privacy please) and guide our post topics.

To learn more about the field of occupational therapy in the United States, try this link:
The American Occupational Therapy Association


  1. I love being a pediatric OT, its the best job ever!

    1. It is a great job, isn't it? Very rewarding! Please feel free to offer any tips/activities, etc. that you have found to be beneficial in your experience.