Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sensory Friendly Theatre?

How many times have you wanted to take your child with sensory difficulties to a theater production but nixed the idea out of fear of his/her response?  The Fulton Theatre in Lancaster PA has a wonderful program with events throughout the year to accommodate your child's needs, check it out here...

The Fulton Theatre's Sensory Friendly Programs

Try investigation into your community's offerings if you live outside our area, print and take the ideas to your favorite theatre!

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  1. There are many movie theaters that are now doing "sensitive" movie times for children that don't can not tolerate the loudness or darkness of a typical movie experience. Check your local theaters to see if they are doing this. If not, feel free to suggest that they do one. Sensory sensitive kids and parents will be able to enjoy seeing a movie together when accommodations are made.