Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer home work

School is either out, or soon to be out, for kids.  Summer is a fun, relaxing time, meant to recharge everyone's batteries after the long, difficult school year.  It is important for kids, and adults, to take this time to have fun in the sun and socialize with friends and family.  Go to the pool or park; go on vacation to your favorite destination and just RELAX!  Have a great summer, everyone!
That said, we want to remind everyone that, although summer is supposed to be fun and relaxing, kids can loose almost 1/3 of their knowledge over summer break if not properly stimulated.  Older kids need to read every day.  Go to the library and let the kids pick out the books they want to read.  It does not matter if the book is a step below their reading level, as long as they enjoy it and read it.  Children who can not yet read may enjoy going to the library for story time (most offer these). Parents should read to younger children every day.  Preschoolers should be encouraged to practice their coloring and tracing, as well as cutting skills.  Don't be afraid to give a preschooler children's scissors to cut with (under direct supervision, of course).  Like I tell the parents of my preschool clients- I am not aware of any preschooler cutting off a finger with a pair of children's scissors.  Have the preschooler color with chalk on the driveway.  Allow him/her to help when you make dinner.  Older children can do the measuring when making dinner, or, if old enough, maybe they will make the family dinner (with supervision).  And, don't forget the math skills over the summer.

So, while summer is supposed to be a time of fun and relaxation, it is also important to spend a little time each day practicing what they learned this past year, so don't start next school year already behind.
Enjoy your summer!

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