Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bubble Painting

This is a cool idea I saw from at a preschool and told the teacher I would be "borrowing" this idea.  Bubble painting!  The kids LOVE it and it looks really cool to watch. 
Here's what you will need:
Paint mixed with dish detergent:  3/4 paint, 1/4 dish detergent  
    I found thinner paint works best.  You may need to play around with the mixture.

Paper cups

Straws- bendy straws work best

Paper Plates

Rubber Bands

Baby Wash cloths:  I found some at the dollar store

Mix the paint and pour onto a paper plate.  Poke a hole, gently so as not to go through the opposite side of the cup and so as not to get too big a hole,  through the paper cup with the straw.  Place the washcloth over the open end of the cup and secure it with the rubber band.  Place the straw through the hole in the cup and angle the end towards, but not touching, the cloth. Dip the cup, cloth end, into the paint.  Have your child blow through the straw as hard as they can and soon bubbles will come out!  TIP:  you will need to get a lot of paint onto the cloth for it to work. Rub the bubbles onto a picture and see how cool it looks.



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