Monday, September 9, 2013

Good Ways to Use Equipment in EI Classrooms

Lots of kids in EI classrooms would benefit from the use of standers or special seating throughout their day, even also those kids placed in regular ed environments in need of this type of equipment. Try using a visual schedule of activities with a pictures of the equipment underneath.  That way the teachers and therapists can coordinate in which position the child would be able to best work on specific goals.  And it can be modified easily from day to day while keeping everyone on the same page.

Even kids that have trouble paying attention may benefit from sitting on a dynamic cushion or rocking chair during group learning times like circle.  Everyone may exit circle to go to centers more calmly if they are to crawl through a tunnel after stating their center choice.  Talk to your OT about other ways that special equipment in the classroom, whether it be low tech like a beanbag chair or high tech like a mobile stander, can benefit your child!

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