Monday, August 19, 2013

Ride Bikes

My daughter has been wanting to ride her bike every night now that it is getting cooler and I realized just how great an activity it is.  I remember riding my bike all over the neighborhood and beyond when I was growing up.  The neighbor kids and I would ride almost every day.  But it is not quite as popular an activity now with all the other activities out there to entertain our kids.  Our kids have so many activities and toys to choose from that they just don't ride their bikes as much anymore.  Kids have electric scooters, skateboards, video games, all the i stuff (pads, pods, phones),  tv and all the other electronic devices.  But bike riding offers many benefits that these other things just don't offer, such as coordination, physical endurance, visual motor control and socialization if done with a group.  We hear it all the time that kids don't get outside to play like they should.  I say get them out riding their bikes.  And, parents, go with them!  We all could use a little extra exercise, and it is great bonding for you and your child. 

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