Monday, June 10, 2013

Safety and Travel Beds Useful for Children with Autism

Seems I've been writing letters of medical necessity lately for safety beds for children with a variety of needs.  The obvious medical issues of a child with a brain injury, cerebral palsy, or severe chromosomal abnormalities are easily addressed in such a request, but what about the child with autism who has trouble sleeping and may even put himself in harm's way if he decides to wander in the night?  Most families look to community groups to help raise funds for safety beds, or choose to have a mattress on the floor and put an alarm on the door.  Or turn the child's bedroom door into a dutch door, that's cut in half so the bottom part is locked and the top remains open.  Not so good if your child is a climber, but can be very beneficial in some situations!  Finding a good contact through your physician's office, clinic, or therapy team to write the letter of medical necessity is key.  And then the rebuttal letter when you are denied... one key point to emphasize is that the bed is MEDICALLY necessary, not BEHAVIORALLY necessary.  Explain the medical risks, the life-threatening situations caused by the behavior.

Here are a few of my favorite products out there:

Sleep Safe Bed

Ida and Hannah Beds

Noah's World

Also included in this post are my favorite beds that can be used both in the home and for traveling... lots of families choose this route and skip the insurance puzzle altogether.

The Nickel Bed Tent

The Safety Sleeper

What nifty ways have you come up with to help your child be safe and comfortable at night?  Have you had success being funded through insurance?

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