Monday, May 6, 2013

Marshmallow Shooters

Well I was in charge of activities for a portion of a Cub Scouting trip last weekend and this one was a hit!  For little kids and the ahem, grownups too.  I precut the PVC pipe with a PVC pipe cutter (a hacksaw also works well) so that the kids could follow the instruction sheet themselves, and one other tip, stale marshmallows worked a tad better the next morning than straight from the bag.  It needs to be mini marshmallows and half inch PVC pipe.  To give you an idea of cost, it was $42 at Lowes to make 15 of these.  And it worked better than the 'official' mini marshmallow shooter we have.

If you don't want an all out battle try shooting into a friend's mouth (from a safe distance, of course) or shoot targets in the yard, but even the littlest of the crew loved the hide, seek, and chase version of battling.  It works best to load the marshmallows right into the mouthpiece, but be sure to tell them NOT to suck in first.  It also works, but they don't travel as far, when you place the marshmallow near the tip of the other end.  I've included here the plan sheets I gave the kids...

Have Fun!

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