Monday, October 22, 2012

IEP or 504?

Here in Pennsylvania, we have IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) and 504 plans in our education system.  IEPs help your child through specially designed instruction that can take the form of direct treatment, consultation and/or observation.  Your child is seen for therapy sessions with a service provider.  504 plans can support your child with what they need to be successful in school without the need for direct intervention, i.e. attention/focus supporting strategies, transportation or self-care supports, or adaptive equipment/modification needs.  Children with 504 plans are not showing any developmental delays, but may be struggling physically or academically anyway.  I'd like to open the comments section here with your experiences with 504 plans.  My older son has one to support his needs related to attention and focus, and I have to say it's working out very well this year in 4th grade.

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